How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts with Maria Brophy and Tara Reed

How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts eBook
Maria Brophy and Tara Reed have been working hard over the past few months writing an eBook titled: How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts. With 173 pages of information including stories from 11 other artists and insights from 5 attorneys, this is going to be a valuable resource for artists wanting to better understand the legal side of the business. 

Here is a peek at the Table of Contents:

This 173 page “How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts” eBook is divided into 10 sections:

  • Part 1: There are Two Sides to Every Contract
  • Part 2: How Your Goals for Art Licensing Affect Your Contracts
  • Part 3: Common Contract Fears (and how to overcome them)
  • Part 4: Anatomy of an Art Licensing Contract
  • Part 5: Contract Sections and Samples
  • Part 6: Contract Considerations
  • Part 7: Putting Yourself in the Driver’s Seat
  • Part 8: Attorney Insights
  • Part 9: Where to Get Help with Your Specific Contract Questions
  • Part 10: Glossary of Key Terms
  • Appendix: New Contract Review Worksheet (also available as a Microsoft Word Document download)

If you sign up for their Contract eBook pre-release eMail list, you will not only be the first to know when it is ready, but you will get a special 48-hour pricing.  Sign up today and check your email Tuesday, November 8th for the 48-hour “early bird” email only pricing!  Sign up HERE or click the image above!

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