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What did you see when you first looked at this photo – the flower or the tiny details?  On one of my afternoon walks recently I noticed the blooms and immediately starting shooting.  After several clicks I decided to get up close and personal – after checking the ground for creatures that might slither my way – I stepped in with my Macro lens and was pleasantly pleased.  I couldn’t wait to get home and download the images – and see the tiny details I had discovered.  I was looking at the blooms and by looking through another lens I found something else – tiny little pink spots within the center and baby fine hair on the petals.

This reminded me of the analogy one of my physicians used recently.   You are looking out the window and see a huge horse go by and you are so focused on the horse you didn’t see the zebra in front of it or the two donkeys behind it or the small pony beside it. 

In the past few weeks I have had several tests run due to continued elevated lab results.  An ultrasound was ordered as a precautionary to rule out any problems with my liver.  By accident the radiologist found and noted a very large cyst in my left kidney – but there was no evidence of liver disease.  To further evaluate the cyst – picture a very large orange – a CT scan was recommended followed by a referral to a specialist.  When the specialist looked at the CT scan he found something else that the radiologist that had read the CT didn’t mention – two kidney stones on the right side!  He said most likely I will pass the small stone, but there was no way that quarter size stone was going any where!  I had an IVP yesterday to see if when they pushed the contrast through it would dislodge the small stone and to evaluate the situation of the large one.  Well one or both started moving but it is a start & stop, start & stop and if I don’t see him in the ER before next Tuesday I will find out where we go from here.  Right now the biggest concern is to make sure the stones don’t cause any damage to the kidney.  Then we will talk about the cyst.

Remember the analogy?  The radiologist reading the ultrasound was looking for liver problems but found the large kidney cyst.  The radiologist looking at the CT was focused on the left kidney cyst – but when the kidney specialist took a look – his eyes focused on the stones first and then the cyst!  I can’t wait to see what the radiologist reading the IVP finds!

There is a lesson in this – don’t focus on just what is in front of you.  Look around – and see if you notice details that just might move you to the next step in your art, photography, business and etc – and remember if three people look at the same thing – they are most likely going to each see something the other didn’t!

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