Head to the Beach if you can't change the situation at the moment!

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“Head to the Beach, since nothing you do will change anything at the moment” – Dr. M! 

Although this quote is not true about all things – because we all know there are things that can make a huge difference if only you took the time to do something – right then and there.  But my situation is a wait and see – so until then, life goes on as usual – at the beach!

This week has been non-stop between meeting a few deadlines, editing photos, working on several projects, a couple appointments and the list could go on forever.  And don’t forget the little important things such as breakfast, morning walk, shower, laundry, meals, dishes, floors, errands etc etc & etc.  Thank goodness I am good at multi-tasking and working under stress when need be.

Up at 6am this morning – I quickly did the must do’s and moved on to working on a short list of things I need to finish up so I can start other projects on my to-do list.  The calendar is filled with long-term and short-term goals – and one by one I am checking them off. 

Later this afternoon – Steve and I will be taking Dr. M’s advice and head to Jekyll Island for dinner + sunset + walk on the beach.

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