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When you get up Monday and the next thing you know it’s Friday – you know its been a busy week.  My days turned to nights and the nights into the wee hours of the morning – usually a few hours before Steve’s alarm clock would go off.   Some would say – you are working too much, while others would say – how do you do it?  It is easy to do when you are excited about the things you are working on, the people you are working with and the contacts you have made are paying off.  This week has been filled with emails, phone-calls, reading and soaking up all the information I can, a few early morning visits to the beach, two date nights with Steve and product mock-ups, templates, layers, resizing and even a magic wand!  

In order to do all these things – you must be organized and thanks to a great online class I took several years ago “Get Organized” with Alyson Stanfield the Art Biz Coach I was ready to begin a new chapter in my life.  Some of the first things they tell you when you consider licensing your work – is that you must be ready, know how to use a photo editing program, know how to find your files quickly, meet deadlines, and the biggest - have a system to keep track of your contacts and all their information.

The next “Get Organized” class is August 10 – September 2.   A few of the lessons covered include E-filing, Maintain Your Calendar, Tame Your Inbox, Keep Up with Your Art Inventory, Keep a Business Manual and Staying Organized.

What I learned from E-filing:  Anyone can save an image – but 3 months from now can you find that image quickly.  Well I can and it is because I have my images and documents filed within folders with sub-folders and sub-sub-folders.  For instance - to find the flower image above these are the steps I took: 

1. Folder – My Documents > 2.  Folder – Licensing > 3.  Folder -Images > 4.  Folder – Flowers >  Now depending on where and how I was using the image determined my next folder.  For step 5 - I chose the Folder – Saved for Web.   These images have been resized for the web – which means they have been reduced in visual and file size for quick loading to the page.   And they are ready for me to use in blog posts, social networks and send in emails.

Did I learn a smart way of keeping my files in order – of course, but I also learned how to process mail and email so that it doesn’t pile up and your inbox is not starring at you with 100′s of emails.  I have always been a calendar girl – but with Alyson’s suggestions I learned to be more productive by using my calendar more efficiently and working from my to-do list.  I highly recommend this class if you are serious about running a successful art business.  To learn more you can click on the image or here “Get Organized“.

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©2011 Debbie Overton


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