Week is filled with all good things!

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WOW!!!  Here it is already the weekend….I guess that happens when your week is filled with all good things – almost all good!

Monday – Received email from a manufacture asking me to do a few product mock-ups!  Did some photo editing and tweaked my contact system and how I was organizing things.  Talked to one of my best friends for hours about the things going on and what is down the road when you do the work.

Tuesday – Responded to several emails from manufacturers wanting access to the password protected area to view the complete collections available for licensing after they viewed the website!  Worked on the product mock-ups!

Wednesday – My dryer decided after 18 years to die – not good timing as I was on a roll with business and the last thing I needed was to stop to go look for a new dryer!  Found one and my friend’s at Lowe’s will deliver it Friday!  No laundry to do until Friday!  Yeah!!!

Thursday – Spent most of the day making contacts with those I would like to work with.  Tara Reed – Art Licensing Info has a quote she mentions in her eBooks as well as on her blog as so many people want to know how to get the attention of agents or manufacturers -”Email or Direct Mail or dare I suggest you pick up the phone?”.   I did all three – and actually my favorite is on the phone.  You get to put a voice with the name on the other end – and it is amazing how many will take the time to actually talk to you and give you great advice as long as you want to listen.

Friday – Did a little tweaking to the website – mostly the password protected area - so unless you have been assigned a username and password you are unable to see it.  Worked on a few more product mock-ups, did more photo editing, Lowe’s delivered the dryer, drafted a press release which I will red pen over the weekend!

Here it is Saturday – plans are to do a little work – as in heading over to St. Simons Island for a few photos for future collections, catch up on a few things around the house and then enjoy the rest of the weekend just doing whatever, whenever!

Have a great weekend and I will see you next week.

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