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Within 48 hours of my last blog post – I received an email asking “How did you learn about Art Licensing?”  – along with a rather long list of questions!  I  didn’t know this person nor did I recognize the name from any of my social networks – however in reviewing my stats the IP came from some one in NW Alabama and had been visiting quite a bit over time – especially since I made the announcement that my main focus was no longer mixed media.  So one would assume she was just another person curious about my new venture – there certainly have been alot of those lately.

Did I reply to the email – I most certainly did.  I didn’t go into any long details – but I suggested she do a search for ”art licensing” and just start working her way through the thousands of links page after page.  And of course I gave her a few names that I have been following and learning from. 

Most recent was the July 2011 Ask Call with Tara Reed and Maria Brophy - this mp3 answers the question – “How do I get started in Art Licensing?” and many more.   Tara Reed of Art Licensing Info has a wealth of information on her website - I highly recommend going through the  Ask Call Replay Archives to find more mp3 replays - each Q & A has something for everyone interested in licensing or already involved in licensing. 

As much as I love the bi-monthly calls – my favorite things are Tara’s eBooks - Each ebook answers your questions with easy to follow steps – not doing the work for you, but telling you how to do it.  By following Tara’s suggestions – I am just steps away from being a licensed artist!

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©2011 Debbie Overton

  • April Heather - July 25, 2011 - 6:41 am

    You can do it!! I too love the ask calls by Tara Reed. Once I committed myself to changing course all kinds of excitement has come my way–lots of hard work too. My advice- be open & willing to take a calculated risk. Good luck!!ReplyCancel

    • Debbie Overton - July 25, 2011 - 8:23 am

      April, thank you for stopping by and your encouraging words! I can’t believe the people out there that think – you can just sit back and it will happen. I have found anything worth having is worth putting everything I have into it.ReplyCancel

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