What does a Road Trip+Anniversary+Speed have in common?

Debbie Overton St. Augustine Beach

No cabin fever or hibernating here – Steve and I headed south along the Georgia and Florida coast for an anniversary road trip Saturday morning.  By the end of the day we were sitting right there on the white sandy beach at St. Augustine – again.   Signs of spring were everywhere and I have 100′s of great photos to show for it – such as these from the sand dunes.

Debbie Overton Flowers at St. Augustine Beach

What does a Road Trip+Anniversary+Speed have in common?  Well it was not that it went by fast - although I was not quiet ready to leave our beach front hotel Tuesday.  But my ‘go-to-guy’ was ready to hit the open coastal highway with his new big guy toy!  Steve has been talking about getting another motorcycle for quiet sometime and I was more than happy to hand the guy at the motorcycle shop a handful of cash after seeing my go-to-guy’s blue-green eyes light up like a kid in a candy shop when he straddled the bike and tested it out.  Now the neighbors might not be as excited as he is or smile every time I hear him start it up in the garage or hear him coming up the street.

Debbie Overton go-to-guy

We came home to a house full of college kids – ours+friends – home for Spring Break!  Flip flops+beach towels+sand+swinging fridge doors+enough cars in the driveway that it looked like a parking lot!

As for my Art & Business – I Need to tweak and run a spell check on an article I was asked to write by one of the sales reps I worked with several years ago on my journey of working with wholesale reps for an event she and several friends are hosting in CA – will share more later once everything goes to press.  Also need to work on my responses to an upcoming interview and follow up on new venues in the works.  And I guess I need to check in on Facebook and respond to the friend requests over the last few days.  Need to hurry as I have plans to head over to St. Simons to meet friends for lunch+shopping before hitting the sand for a few hours.  As for the canvas I started last week – it will still be here when all my kids head back to school. 

So even if you live in the middle of nowhere in the mountains and can’t head to the beach everyday – alteast get out of the house before you get cabin fever and welcome spring with open arms! 

See you in a few days!


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